Tuition & Rates


2019-2020 Tuition RAtes

Prices are per student

Each class meets once per week.

Classes Per Week Tuition Per Month

1 Class $64 ($16.00 per class)

2 Classes $115 ($14.38 per class)

3 Classes $165 ($13.75 per class)

4 Classes $215 ($13.44 per class)

5 Classes $260 ($13.00 per class)

6 Classes $310 ($12.92 per class)

Annual Registration Fee: $ 35/student
Drop In Class Rate: $20 per class
Private Lessons: $30 per 1/2 hour


Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Tuition is nontransferable. If, for whatever reason, we have not received payment by the 10th of the month, a late fee of $15 will be added to your account. Returned checks are subject to a $10 NSF charge and the late fee. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, TRANSFERS, CREDITS OR EXTENSIONS given for classes missed, except in the case of injury or prolonged illness (doctor’s note required).

Registration Fee

The yearly registration fee is non-refundable.

Sibling Discount

Siblings living in the same household are eligible for a sibling discount. You will receive 5% off the tuition of the 2nd registered sibling onward.